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Mosaic 2013


Yesterday I with all my family members and friends visited Mosaic which is a festival of cultures and celebrating 46th year this May. We went to 7 different pavillions and enjoyed their performances , culture as well as food. In total there are 21 pavillions and I am going to enjoy the rest of the pavillions today and tomorrow.Its a great fun and everyone should go and enjoy.

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Learning through Good Teaching Vs Bad Teaching


Students entered the school with little knowledge and skills. The school was filled with knowledge of subject matter as well as teaching strategies that enabled the student to acquire new knowledge and skills.The result was a student satisfied with having learned something new and feels happy.


On the other hand, if school did not know what or how to teach, or because the student was unable or unwilling to do the work necessary to learn, the student left school without acquiring much new knowledge and skills, thus feeling frustated and unhappy.


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Tesch Task # 6 PART 1

Five Card Flickr:

This activity is quite interesting one and also easy to use .one can select the pictures and create one’s own story to share with everyone. I found this one of the most useful technique in classroom as students can easily learn the things by viewing the pictures . The students get the opportunity to share his own feelings or experiences and interact with each other by sharing their stories.The students develop the ability to think and create something new with his own ides and thoughts.

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Tech Task # 5 – All About Identity

Part :1

After watching  George Couros presentation, I found how beneficial is  it to make one’s own online identity. Its quite interesting one that whatever we post, it is visible to anyone and specially the employers which opens the door for getting better job.So everyone should think carefully before posting anything online.Its definitely very useful for the future students to make their online identity in order to seek opportunities but teacher should guide what is to be shared and how to be safe online.gcouros

Part : 2

When I Googled myself using my First and Last name this is what came up. There is no sign of me anywhere because of the private settings and  I got  little bit upset as I am not having any online identity.


Then I googled ” Nidhi Aggarwal, Regina”, then I am able to see myself. I found my page at the top results, then my Ecmp 355 session, my blog account. I am happy to see all these as they are all related to my profession. These sites reflect my thoughts and ideas in every aspect.I don’t find my twitter account.2

When I put my name in Google images, I found some of my pictures which I already added  at different sites.3

In future, I would like to see myself connected with more educational sites which reflect my online identity as Educator.I would also like to link with my classroom blog when I start teaching, sothat whatever work is done by students is easily visible to anyone and  learn new things from each other.

Part 3:

Here is the link to my About Me page!

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Ableism Documentary

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The  students  have  wrong  notions  about  the  skin  color  in  their  minds,  so  its  important  to  make  them  aware  of  racial  differences  at  younger  age.  Children  at  younger  age  learn,  explore,  share,  ask  more  questions  and  learn  more  effectively.  There  are  certain  activities  by  which  children  came  to  know  about  each  other’s  families.  These  activities  include  Me  Pockets  (each  child  take  the  plastic  sleeve  and  is  asked  to  fill  it  with  photos,  pictures,  drawings  or  anything  which  reflects  the  culture  of  their  families).  The  students  quickly  learn  about  eachother  likes  as  well  dislikes  and  compare  with  themselves.  The  students  are  involved  in  various  acts  and  discuss  with  each  other  about  their  roles.  Discussion  of  skin  color  can  be  expanded  by  incorporating  into  the  maths  lessons,  map  lessons,  science  and  other  curricular  areas.  When  students  are  asked  to  write  about  their  colors  after  these  activities,  positive  response  is  seen  towards  awareness  of  race.  Thus,  learning  together  will  help  students  to  become  more  understanding  and  respectful  of  differences.

When  a  student  makes  any  remark  related  to  racism  or  sexist,  teacher  should  speak  honestly  whatever  she  feels.  Whatever  remark  is  given  by  student  about  the  particular  group  has  great  impact  on  other  students  as  well  and  the  response  of  teacher  on  that  remark  plays  significant  role.  One  should  stand  up  for  a  person  or  group  that  has  been  insulted.  Teacher  should  involve  the  students  in  various  activities,  relate  them  to  subject  matter  which  results  in  awareness  of  race.  Learning  together  will  help  students  to  become  more  understanding  and  respectful  of  differences.  Curriculum  is  everything  that  happens  in  school  and  students  learn  a  lot  from  it.  So  curriculum  should  involve  topics,  debates,  games,  activities  which  laid  emphasis  on  multiculturalism.


Framing the Family Tree by Sudie Hofmann


In one of my ECS class , I have read this story and found it the good one to share with everyone .  This  story  is  related  to  a  single  parent  children  as  well  as  adopted  children.Families  are  groupings  of  individuals  who  may  or  may  not  be  living  together,  but  are  perceived  by  the  child  to  be  “family.”   Different  ways  of  teaching  are  shown  like:  curriculum  should  include  media  materials  and  visual  images  which  reflects  respect  and  diversity  in  families.  Instead  of  creating  family  photo  albums,  students  should  be  encouraged  to  prepare  collages  of  different  families  in  order  to  learn  diversity  in  family.  On  Mother’s  Day  or  Father’s  Day,  tell  students  to  select  someone  closest  in  his  or  her  life  and  make  cards  or  some  gifts  for  them.  These  kind  of  activities  will  not  cause  any  sense  of  discomfort  to  anyone.  Parents  and  teachers  both  should  work  in  constructive  ways  so  that  students  are  encouraged  to  learn  effectively  and  do  not  feel  themselves  different  from  other  students.

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Tech Task #4

After attending the Sue Waters presentation on becoming better blogger, I came across many tips to improve my blogs. As this is for the first time I am writing blogs, I was not aware of so many things. The presentation includes so many things: link, blogging cycle, attention to copyright, easily readable to all readers, etc. The best thing I like in her talks is making hyperlinks and I am using it in my blog. I am trying to modify the blog written in Tech Task #3 by me on “Will Richardson: Why Schools?” by adding a link.



Ableism is a set of beliefs, processes and practices that produce- based on abilities that exhibits or values – a particular understanding of oneself, one’s body and one’s relationship with others of humanity, other species and the environment, and includes how one is judged by others. Ableism reflects the sentiment of certain special groups and social structures that value and promote certain abilities, for example, productivity and competitiveness, over others such as empathy, compassion and kindness.Sexism is partly driven by a form of ableism that favours certain abilities, and labelling of women as not having those certain necessary abilities is used to justify sexism and the dominance of males over females. Similarly, racism and ethnicism are partly driven by forms of ableism, which have two components, one favours one race or ethnic group and discriminates against others. Casteism, like racism, is based on the notion that socially defined groups of people have abilities that make them fit for specific duties and occupations. 

Oppression is also seen in the classroom. One way to alleviate disability stereotypes is the use of ability awareness in which students and teachers without disabilities take part in simulated activities regarding having a disability. School boards, curriculum committees, and textbook companies should include disability content into all aspects of the curriculum. Some schools have Buddy Clubs or other groups that are focused on integrating students with and without disabilities, these groups are not focused on disability culture and help students to know about each other and develop the sense of helping and making comfortable to each other. There are many books for children that have positive portrayals of characters with disabilities. Teachers should use books with disability themes in which students gain tolerance and respect for others. Teachers should also incorporate books with characters with disabilities into various aspects of the curriculum as well as book clubs and reading groups. Teachers should use films and other media, biographies of famous people with disabilities, and literature to examine role models for the students with disabilities as well as other members of the school community. School principals are responsible for preparing an individual action plan for each exceptional student. Teachers should also consult the parents of disabled students in order to know about their needs so that one should prepare their lesson plans as well as other activities in order to make the students more secure and comfortable in class. Parents should also take keen interest in children’s education and should visit the schools so that they became aware of their child’s progress. There should be proper parent- teacher meetings at regular intervals so that both of them discuss about the development of child and discuss about the problems, experiences as well as needs they require. People often have ignored larger issues such as ableism, believing that if they become better teachers and that if students learn new skills, then instructors will have done their job. However, these larger issues influence the lives of students with disabilities, and it is within the context of these larger issues that instructors try to influence a society that is often resistant to the changes they wish to make.