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Journey of Becoming Teacher

on May 10, 2013

Tech Task # 1 Who am I??

Hello Everyone !

Untitled-3My name is Nidhi Aggarwal and my beginning as a legally recognized individual occurred on September 13, 1984 at Chandigarh (India).  I have done Masters in Biochemistry and Bachelors in Education. I am simple, soft spoken, caring and always curious to learn new things. I love listening music, watching movies, reading and cooking.

In  our  country,  On  Teacher’s  Day,  high  grade  students  were  given  opportunity  to  become  teachers  for  elementary  class  students  for  that  day.  The  real  teachers  visited    every  class  and  examined  the  students  (acting  as  teachers)  and  gave  “best  teacher”  award  to  one  student.  You  know  what,  it  was  ME  at  that  time  who  got  the  prize  and  I  was  feeling  myself  on  the  top  of  the  world.  Since  that  day  I  became  passionate  about  teaching.

After completing my degree, I started working as Chemistry lecturer for Grade 11 and Grade 12. I taught for two years, it was such an amazing experience and I cannot wait to continue my life changing career. One  most  important  thing  which  I  learn  while  teaching  is  that  we  learn  best  when  we  have  love  for  something.

Picture 007

A new phase of my life begins when I got married in October 2008. My husband got his PR of Canada and I came to Canada, directly to Regina in March 2011. On one side of my heart I was excited as I am living with my husband after 10 months and on the other hand I was depressed as I left all my family members back in India.


It was very difficult to cope with different culture as well as climate. I started part-time job in Regina and get aware of this new place. Now I have made many friends and get settled up here well with time. This place seems lucky for us as we are blessed with cute little boy, Rishaan, in March 2012. He makes our lives complete in every sense.



Right  now,  I  am  helping  my  son  by  telling  how  to  clap  your  hands,  crawl,  sit,  stand  etc.  This  is  another  way  of  teaching  and  also  quite  interesting  one.  In  the  mean  time,  I  applied  for  teaching  licence  and  came  to  know  that  I  have  to  take  certain  classes  in  order  to  meet  the  requirements.  Finally,  I  got  chance  to  study  in  University  of  Regina  and  got  the  opportunity  to  learn  more  in  new  culture  as  well  as  new  environment. I have never done any online course before, this is for the first time I am doing this and also very excited to learn how to use technology in making teaching more effective and interesting.


7 responses to “Journey of Becoming Teacher

  1. Swati says:

    It’s nice to meet someone from India! I can understand how one feels away from from their loved ones. So what other courses are you taking?

    • nidhi0113 says:

      Same here Swati, we always feel so gud when we find someone from India. I am doing EPSY 400 along with this course. Are yo doing any other course?

  2. Ms Illerbrun says:

    Wow Nidhi, your son is adorable!

    Have you taught in Canada? What differences are there between the schools here and in India?

    • nidhi0113 says:

      Thanks Illerbrun!

      No I have not taught in Canada. Also I am not aware of teaching here in Canada but as i am taking classes ,I am finding lots of differences. In India,there is very less practical knowlegde and laid stress more on theoretical work i.e text books.we go on reading so many books and then gave written exam in order to get good grades. But here in Canada practical knowledge is more like different assignments are given sothat you became aware of real situation.

  3. reneeclemens says:

    Hi Nidhi!
    First of all, your blog is very attractive! I sure like what you’ve done with your space!
    It’s great to get to know you. You have a beautiful son and your pictures are all great! I also am impressed with your background in Biochemistry. Do you know how hard I had to work to pass any Chemistry class I ever took? I have lots of respect for people that can work in that field – it sure isn’t easy!
    I personally dream about traveling to India someday. I have always been fascinated with the culture. To be brief, I love the vivid colours, the food, the kindness and the traditions of people in your country! I’m sure you miss home a lot, but Canada is definitely blessed to have you here! I’m excited you’re in this class and I hope we can connect many times through our blogs. 🙂

    • nidhi0113 says:

      Thanks reneeclemens!

      Definitely we will connect many times through our blogs. If yo want to eat anything specific from India do tell me I can make for you.(:
      Surely its not easy to do anything from science background but if you just enjoy and love to do the work it will be fun and you can easily complete your course. Also if you need any help, I am here to help you.!!!

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