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English as an Additional Language

on May 15, 2013

It is our responsibility as teachers to deliver instruction to students in a way that is understandable. At the starting point, find out what kinds of services your school offers to support English language learners. Avoid asking students in front of the whole class if they understand. Instead, ask students to volunteer to repeat the instructions in their own words. Use lecture and verbal instruction as little as possible. use visual cues such as posters, overhead pictures, slide shows, videos, and illustrated books. Use active methods of learning such as games, skits, songs, partner interviews, and structured conversation with classmates.

When students are pushed to learn English only, and aren’t given the chance to continue their home language, they lose the opportunity to be bilingual, and keep their own cultural identity. Learning a few words and courtesy phrases is a sign of respect and effort on your part. Teachers should be learning about the cultures of the children you teach.


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