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Tech Task #4

on May 25, 2013

After attending the Sue Waters presentation on becoming better blogger, I came across many tips to improve my blogs. As this is for the first time I am writing blogs, I was not aware of so many things. The presentation includes so many things: link, blogging cycle, attention to copyright, easily readable to all readers, etc. The best thing I like in her talks is making hyperlinks and I am using it in my blog. I am trying to modify the blog written in Tech Task #3 by me on “Will Richardson: Why Schools?” by adding a link.


2 responses to “Tech Task #4

  1. Jenna Kulyk says:

    Interesting video! I like the point that it makes about facilitating students to gain skills that are needed in today’s world. After the Will’s presentation I’m not sure that our curriculum provides these skills that our students need. By integrating technology into our classrooms our students can begin to dream, discover, and explore the world around them.

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