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on May 29, 2013

The  students  have  wrong  notions  about  the  skin  color  in  their  minds,  so  its  important  to  make  them  aware  of  racial  differences  at  younger  age.  Children  at  younger  age  learn,  explore,  share,  ask  more  questions  and  learn  more  effectively.  There  are  certain  activities  by  which  children  came  to  know  about  each  other’s  families.  These  activities  include  Me  Pockets  (each  child  take  the  plastic  sleeve  and  is  asked  to  fill  it  with  photos,  pictures,  drawings  or  anything  which  reflects  the  culture  of  their  families).  The  students  quickly  learn  about  eachother  likes  as  well  dislikes  and  compare  with  themselves.  The  students  are  involved  in  various  acts  and  discuss  with  each  other  about  their  roles.  Discussion  of  skin  color  can  be  expanded  by  incorporating  into  the  maths  lessons,  map  lessons,  science  and  other  curricular  areas.  When  students  are  asked  to  write  about  their  colors  after  these  activities,  positive  response  is  seen  towards  awareness  of  race.  Thus,  learning  together  will  help  students  to  become  more  understanding  and  respectful  of  differences.

When  a  student  makes  any  remark  related  to  racism  or  sexist,  teacher  should  speak  honestly  whatever  she  feels.  Whatever  remark  is  given  by  student  about  the  particular  group  has  great  impact  on  other  students  as  well  and  the  response  of  teacher  on  that  remark  plays  significant  role.  One  should  stand  up  for  a  person  or  group  that  has  been  insulted.  Teacher  should  involve  the  students  in  various  activities,  relate  them  to  subject  matter  which  results  in  awareness  of  race.  Learning  together  will  help  students  to  become  more  understanding  and  respectful  of  differences.  Curriculum  is  everything  that  happens  in  school  and  students  learn  a  lot  from  it.  So  curriculum  should  involve  topics,  debates,  games,  activities  which  laid  emphasis  on  multiculturalism.


4 responses to “Racism

  1. henry20k says:

    I have to agree with you that there should be a zero tolerance for racism, not only in schools but in society. One thing that I hope to do once I get my own classroom is not only educating the students on how wrong racism is, but getting the students to explore where those notions came from back in history and how these ideas started. I think that if we just teach students that saying racists things is wrong without giving them the knowledge and reasons as to why it is wrong, it is only putting a band-aid on the problem, instead of getting down to the root of the problem.

  2. Jenna Kulyk says:

    Curriculum is everywhere. I agree with you. When comments are made about skin color what the teacher says is important. What we don’t say is just as important. Students learn muchfrom the hidden curriculum as they do from curriculum as planned or learned!

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