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Tech Task # 5 – All About Identity

on May 29, 2013

Part :1

After watching  George Couros presentation, I found how beneficial is  it to make one’s own online identity. Its quite interesting one that whatever we post, it is visible to anyone and specially the employers which opens the door for getting better job.So everyone should think carefully before posting anything online.Its definitely very useful for the future students to make their online identity in order to seek opportunities but teacher should guide what is to be shared and how to be safe online.gcouros

Part : 2

When I Googled myself using my First and Last name this is what came up. There is no sign of me anywhere because of the private settings and  I got  little bit upset as I am not having any online identity.


Then I googled ” Nidhi Aggarwal, Regina”, then I am able to see myself. I found my page at the top results, then my Ecmp 355 session, my blog account. I am happy to see all these as they are all related to my profession. These sites reflect my thoughts and ideas in every aspect.I don’t find my twitter account.2

When I put my name in Google images, I found some of my pictures which I already added  at different sites.3

In future, I would like to see myself connected with more educational sites which reflect my online identity as Educator.I would also like to link with my classroom blog when I start teaching, sothat whatever work is done by students is easily visible to anyone and  learn new things from each other.

Part 3:

Here is the link to my About Me page!


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