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3 Components of Parent Teacher Meeting

on June 7, 2013



ImageA parent-teacher conference is a short meeting or conference between the parents and teachers of students to discuss children’s progress at school and find solutions to academic or behavioral problems. Parent-teacher conferences supplement the information conveyed by report cards by focusing on students’ specific strengths and weaknesses in individual subjects and generalizing the level of inter-curricular skills and competences.

The main components of parent teacher conference are:


Parent-teacher conferences can help develop a successful partnership between parents and teachers. Teachers often introduce parents to their teaching style, discipline methods and classroom policies early in the year through parent orientation and written information. Parents can return the favor during a conference by using a few moments to describe your child’s after school activities, family relationships or hobbies to help the teacher better understand what makes him tick. Parents can express commitment to their child’s education, such as explaining the way they ensure he completes homework assignments, helps clarify their intention to continue as an active member of the team. Telling the teacher how much parents appreciate the notes she sends home, her organizational skills or positive attitude with her students lets the teacher know her value and her work on the team as well


 A main ingredient of the parent-teacher conference is exchanging information with the teacher about the child’s academic progress and social development. This can include everything from how well she does in math to how she spends her recess time. Writing down your questions about her school day and listing the things that concern you most will help save time and ensure you cover the important topics


The final portion of a parent-teacher conference typically addresses the plan to help the child work through his school difficulties or find ways to ensure his continued success. The teacher may suggest an after-school tutoring program, additional homework or a specialized in-school program designed to help him cope with a learning disability. Advanced children might need extra projects to prevent boredom or more time to pursue artistic endeavors through an evening or weekend class.



8 responses to “3 Components of Parent Teacher Meeting

  1. Nicole Koza says:

    Great post this is very helpful! I have never sat in on a parent teacher meeting before, so coming into internship will be very interesting. I will definitely keep these notes in mind!

  2. nixon22k says:

    Last semester I learned about parent/teacher/student conferencing which would be lead by the student. The student would have previously prepared a portfolio of his/her work and would use the portfolio to showcase their learning. I really like the idea of having students direct the conference and take ownership of their learning. I also like how this type of conferencing would likely focus more on student-strengths and successes. The conference becomes a time to celebrate learning. The student would also talk about their own areas of need, how they plan to further their learning, and how they need their parents and teacher to help them succeed. What do you think about conferences that involve the student?

    • nidhi0113 says:

      I really like your views and find that conference involving student will be more useful as he can himself discuss his weeekness as well as strenghts with both parents and teachers.

  3. Swati says:

    In reference to what Krysten said I would like to add that this type of collaboration will help in identifying key expectations in both subject matter as well as in acceptable behaviors that are in compliance with the spirit and intent of the overall school mission statements. The student and teacher can collaborate to define the areas of strength and weakness along with parents.

    It will give a chance to parents to share their views based on the behaviour and problems faced by the students at home. Based on which further strategies can be worked out. This way parents will have knowledge as to what they should do at home to assist the school in helping the students to work on the problem areas as identified in the meeting. This will help to develop a clear picture about the student performance and behaviour without any misunderstanding between the parents and teachers.

    It will particularly help as this will not give student any chance to cover the facts or deny the problems. Because of reaching an understanding together, it will reduce chance of blaming each other for creating or exaggerating the problems or not addressing the problems early enough. Each of the member will be responsible to look after the well being of the student and not alone teacher.

    While teaching in India, I always made sure to involve students in the parent teachers meeting and I was really amazed to see the difference it made in the students performance. They acted in a more responsible way as it did not create any difference in opinions between teacher and parents on the achievements and problems face by the students. The success rate of involving students in meeting motivated other teachers to involve them in the PTA too.

    What are your view on this?

  4. nidhi0113 says:

    I agree with you Swati as students collaboration helps him to discuss his own strengths as well weeknesses with both parents and teachers . Definitely he will be making one step ahead towards his progress.

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