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Music in the Classroom

on June 10, 2013

Children naturally love music! Whether it’s soft and soothing or a lively tune, children feel it both physically and emotionally. Music has a positive influence on young children’s cognitive skills such as spatial reasoning and memory.  Providing children with a rich and stimulating environment involving all the senses, including the auditory sense, can support children’s healthy growth and development. Making music with others gives children a wonderful feeling of belonging to the group. Children who might have difficulty joining in activities with others because they are shy, have limited English ability (EALs or language delayed) or special needs , can freely participate when it comes to a music activity. Children seem to experience much pleasure and joy listening to music, making music and moving to music. Whether they are singing along to a CD, playing a rhythm instrument or skipping to music around the classroom, most children seem to thoroughly enjoy participating in a music activity.How wonderful it is that with very little effort, teacher can bring such happiness to children each day just by providing the opportunity to do a little something with music. 


2 responses to “Music in the Classroom

  1. reneeclemens says:

    Great post.
    Music is definitely an international language, a great way to get kids participating no matter their language level.
    On the language front, however, I think music also provides excellent means of being able to explore so many things, such as human emotion. I have used music a lot in my English and French language arts to explore human emotion and reaction to events. It is so interesting to analyze the lyrics of songs and then evaluate how music can enhance those words and make them come to life. Students are very engaged by music as you said: they are able to easily connect to it.
    It is also a great tool for exploring certain themes. I’ve even found songs that illustrate human experience surrounding historical events such as war and revolution. Music is truly one of the most powerful tools teachers can tap into. 🙂

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