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Develop positive school culture

on June 18, 2013

Students are more likely to attend and achieve at school if they feel accepted, valued, respected and included. Positive relationships with parents can also assist in supporting their children’s attendance at school.

Ideas to develop positive school culture:

 Ensure the school has established appropriate policies that support a safe and caring environment e.g. learning and well being strategies, anti-bullying policies, behaviour programs
 Encourage positive, respectful relationships between staff and students. Talk with students. Ensure students know that staff at the school care about them.
 Implement strategies to address issues such as learning difficulties
 Encourage students to look after each other. Establish peer tutoring or mentoring programs.
 Make a fuss of students. Let them know that you want them to come to school. Greet students by name as they arrive at school.
 Plan activities that children look forward to participating in
 Structure opportunities for all students to be successful and celebrated at something
 Schedule surprise special events on days with high absences (usually Fridays and the last day of term)




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