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Types of Curriculum

on June 18, 2013

 Curriculum is often used to describe only the goals, objectives, or plans, something distinct from the “means” of methods, materials, and assessment.

Types of curriculum :

1. Formal Curriculum – The curriculum is usually confined to those written understandings and directions formally designated and reviewed by administrators, curriculum directors and teachers, often collectively.

2. Hidden Curriculum – That which is implied by the very structure and nature of schools, much of what revolves around daily or established routines.

3.Societal Curriculum – Massive, ongoing, informal curriculum of family, peer groups, neighborhoods, churches organizations, occupations, mass, media and other socializing forces that “educate” all of us throughout our lives. 

4. Null Curriculum – That which we do not teach, thus giving students the message that these elements are not important in their educational experiences or in our society.

5. Phantom Curriculum – The messages prevalent in and through exposure to any type of media.

6. Concomitant Curriculum – What is taught, or emphasized at home, or those experiences that are part of a family’s experiences, or related experiences sanctioned by the family.

7. Received Curriculum – Those things that students actually take out of classroom; those concepts and content that are truly learned and remembered.

8. Internal Curriculum – Processes, content, knowledge combined with the experiences and realities of the learner to create new knowledge.

9. Electronic Curriculum – Those lessons learned through searching the Internet for information, or through using e-forms of communication.



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