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Tech Task # 7 : Mobile Learning

I have listened to Liz and found it quite interesting to know about  various techniques of mobile learning. I would like to use Qr codes in my classroom in order to get in touch with every student and continue interaction between everyone.

What is a QR code? It’s short for “Quick Response” and it is (usually) in the shape of a square. It looks like a bar code with black splotches instead of lines.

When you see one, you can use your smartphone or any mobile device with a camera, QR code reader app and internet access (i.e. iPod) to scan the square. Once you scan it, the code will point your device to the web-based location set up by the code creator.For any unit your students are learning, you can create QR codes, print them on paper and either place them in a center or spread them out. Each code can point to a site you want your students to use for an activity. This could either be an informational site (i.e. find information) or a brain teaser (i.e. get the ideas flowing). This can help keep your students focused and provide access to a variety of resources when you don’t have enough computers for each student.

Liz has talked  about the site which is one of the best sites to get immediate responses from students with the help of Qr code.  I will use QR codes when I want to quickly share a video I created using Explain Everything and then  I will print the QR. The entire class can easily scan the code to access the video without having to navigate to a website or check their emails. On the bonus side, when a student is absent, I keep the QR code for her/him. So the next day, they can still view the video tutorial I created by simple scanning the code.

Thanks to Liz for sharing such helpful resources of mobile learning.

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Tech Task # 6 Part 2

I have used ds106 assignments for Tech Task #6 part 2.

The first  assignment I did was web assignment called google -map- trip. I have found my new house on the google map where I am collecting sweet memories with my family.


Here is the link for this:

The second assignment I did was writing assignment called 10 Seconds of Thanks.

I would like to thank God, my family, my friends………( Time is too short to list everyone…..)

Here is the link:

This is for the first time I am using ds106 assignments and found it quite interesting one.  I liked that it had different categories- writing, visual, web, design, video, mashed etc. One can make his own story with different tools available at this site. I would like to thank Alan Levine for sharing  such useful resources.

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Tesch Task # 6 PART 1

Five Card Flickr:

This activity is quite interesting one and also easy to use .one can select the pictures and create one’s own story to share with everyone. I found this one of the most useful technique in classroom as students can easily learn the things by viewing the pictures . The students get the opportunity to share his own feelings or experiences and interact with each other by sharing their stories.The students develop the ability to think and create something new with his own ides and thoughts.

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Tech Task # 5 – All About Identity

Part :1

After watching  George Couros presentation, I found how beneficial is  it to make one’s own online identity. Its quite interesting one that whatever we post, it is visible to anyone and specially the employers which opens the door for getting better job.So everyone should think carefully before posting anything online.Its definitely very useful for the future students to make their online identity in order to seek opportunities but teacher should guide what is to be shared and how to be safe online.gcouros

Part : 2

When I Googled myself using my First and Last name this is what came up. There is no sign of me anywhere because of the private settings and  I got  little bit upset as I am not having any online identity.


Then I googled ” Nidhi Aggarwal, Regina”, then I am able to see myself. I found my page at the top results, then my Ecmp 355 session, my blog account. I am happy to see all these as they are all related to my profession. These sites reflect my thoughts and ideas in every aspect.I don’t find my twitter account.2

When I put my name in Google images, I found some of my pictures which I already added  at different sites.3

In future, I would like to see myself connected with more educational sites which reflect my online identity as Educator.I would also like to link with my classroom blog when I start teaching, sothat whatever work is done by students is easily visible to anyone and  learn new things from each other.

Part 3:

Here is the link to my About Me page!

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Tech Task #4

After attending the Sue Waters presentation on becoming better blogger, I came across many tips to improve my blogs. As this is for the first time I am writing blogs, I was not aware of so many things. The presentation includes so many things: link, blogging cycle, attention to copyright, easily readable to all readers, etc. The best thing I like in her talks is making hyperlinks and I am using it in my blog. I am trying to modify the blog written in Tech Task #3 by me on “Will Richardson: Why Schools?” by adding a link.


Tech Task # 3, Why Schools?

After attending the session with Will Richardson, there are so many things going in my mind. The teacher must be the learner first and an expert learner in the classroom.  I know from experience, being a student that challenging traditional ways of teaching is really important in schools. I love my teachers that use innovative styles of teaching, especially the ones that incorporate new technologies. I strongly believe that parents are a crucial factor in children’s educational development. I’m sure the impact it has on the parents will be great as well.  I’m sure this will effect educators in beneficial ways too! I sincerely hope that these endeavors will spread far and wide.

When students are using technology as a tool or a support for communicating with others, they are in an active role rather than the passive role of recipient of information transmitted by a teacher, textbook, or broadcast.  Moreover, when technology is used as a tool to support students in performing authentic tasks, the students are in the position of defining their goals, making design decisions, and evaluating their progress.The teacher’s role changes as well. The teacher is no longer the center of attention as the dispenser of information, but rather plays the role of facilitator, setting project goals and providing guidelines and resources, moving from student to student or group to group, providing suggestions and support for student activity.

The thing which scares me most is the change in education system as most of the people still believe in the traditional ways of teaching and are not aware of new technology. This may create problem for such persons.Teacher should keep herself  updated with new styles of education.  I don’t think people realize at all what kids are capable of if given the tools, time and encouragement to learn.


Tech Task #2 Part 2

Google Translator

Google Translate is a free statistical multilingual machine-translation service to translate written text from one language into another. There are more than 60 languages  available. This proves to be one of the excellent tool  for the students who are new in Canada and are not able to speak or write English properly. Its helpful for teachers as they can understand the child’s language and try to give the instructions in his first language. Also parents can understand the instructions given in school and help the child in his studies. What you have to do is just type in ” google translator”   and write the word in the left column in English and then select the language in which it is to be translated  in other  column and you will get the word in selected language. Try this, its the one of most interesting ways to make  the newcomers feel comfortable in the class.


Tech Task # 2 Part 1

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Journey of Becoming Teacher

Tech Task # 1 Who am I??

Hello Everyone !

Untitled-3My name is Nidhi Aggarwal and my beginning as a legally recognized individual occurred on September 13, 1984 at Chandigarh (India).  I have done Masters in Biochemistry and Bachelors in Education. I am simple, soft spoken, caring and always curious to learn new things. I love listening music, watching movies, reading and cooking.

In  our  country,  On  Teacher’s  Day,  high  grade  students  were  given  opportunity  to  become  teachers  for  elementary  class  students  for  that  day.  The  real  teachers  visited    every  class  and  examined  the  students  (acting  as  teachers)  and  gave  “best  teacher”  award  to  one  student.  You  know  what,  it  was  ME  at  that  time  who  got  the  prize  and  I  was  feeling  myself  on  the  top  of  the  world.  Since  that  day  I  became  passionate  about  teaching.

After completing my degree, I started working as Chemistry lecturer for Grade 11 and Grade 12. I taught for two years, it was such an amazing experience and I cannot wait to continue my life changing career. One  most  important  thing  which  I  learn  while  teaching  is  that  we  learn  best  when  we  have  love  for  something.

Picture 007

A new phase of my life begins when I got married in October 2008. My husband got his PR of Canada and I came to Canada, directly to Regina in March 2011. On one side of my heart I was excited as I am living with my husband after 10 months and on the other hand I was depressed as I left all my family members back in India.


It was very difficult to cope with different culture as well as climate. I started part-time job in Regina and get aware of this new place. Now I have made many friends and get settled up here well with time. This place seems lucky for us as we are blessed with cute little boy, Rishaan, in March 2012. He makes our lives complete in every sense.



Right  now,  I  am  helping  my  son  by  telling  how  to  clap  your  hands,  crawl,  sit,  stand  etc.  This  is  another  way  of  teaching  and  also  quite  interesting  one.  In  the  mean  time,  I  applied  for  teaching  licence  and  came  to  know  that  I  have  to  take  certain  classes  in  order  to  meet  the  requirements.  Finally,  I  got  chance  to  study  in  University  of  Regina  and  got  the  opportunity  to  learn  more  in  new  culture  as  well  as  new  environment. I have never done any online course before, this is for the first time I am doing this and also very excited to learn how to use technology in making teaching more effective and interesting.